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I have permanently closed my online rockshop.
Warm Regards,
John Galt

Welcome to I'm here to share with you my hobby of collecting and polishing rocks, and I'd like to help you find whatever you desire in tumbling rocks or polished stones. My goal with this site is to have fun, play with neat rocks, and generate barely enough revenue to pay for expenses. I am willing to help you find bulk rocks or single mineral specimens.

I have been collecting and polishing rocks for decades. Since October 2003 I have helped many people find the stones that they want. My eBay feedback is available on this link.

On top of the selection of rocks for tumbling and polished rocks that you'll find displayed here, there are always more rocks and minerals available than can make it onto the web site. I maintain good working relationships with many rock shops, stone quarries, miners, collectors, landscaping firms, and garden stores, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please write me and ask. The chances are excellent that I either have it or can find it for you.

Email anytime, even if you just want to chat about how to polish rocks, or tell me about your latest project.

Warm Regards,