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I have permanently closed my online rockshop.
Warm Regards,
John Galt

How Much Rock Do I Need?

This calculator will allow you to calculate how much rock, stone, or cement you need for your project. You may enter data in feet/inches or as decimal values. If you are dealing with circular areas, there is another calculator.

Width (feet) (inches)
Length (feet) (inches)
Depth (feet) (inches)
Volume Required      0 Cubic Feet,     0 Gallons
Density (Default for polished rocks, for others see below)
Approximate Weight      0 pounds
If you want to convert the cubic measurements above into pounds, here are some estimated values for density:
Crushed Tumbling Rocks, Crushed Gravel   1.1  
57 Stone   1.4 (varies by quarry)  
Large Bulk Rocks: Loosely packed   1.7  
Polished Rocks: Any size or type     1.8  
Dry Quikrete Mix   2.14  
Bulk Rocks: Quartz, Limestone, Petrified Wood, Rose Quartz, Flagstones, etc.
(Tightly packed, no air spaces between stones)
Permanently Closed
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