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I have permanently closed my online rockshop.
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How to Make Stone Jewelry

There are four common methods for making jewelry out of irregularly shaped stones.
  • Bell Cap and Epoxy. A bell cap is attached to the stone with epoxy.
  • Wire Wrapping. Wire is wrapped around the stone in such a way as to keep it firmly attached.
  • Drilling. A hole is drilled through the stone with a diamond drill bit using a high speed rotary tool. (For best results use a ball shaped bit, underwater, repeatedly touching and easing off.)
  • Bezels. A bezel is crimped around the stone to hold it in a setting. This often involves silversmithing a customized bezel to fit the stone.

Common Methods For Attaching The Stone

bell cap attached to stone jewelry
Bell Cap
wire wrapping stone jewelry
Wire Wrapping
drilled stone jewelry
silversmithing stone jewelry

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